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Lots of New Patreon Rewards! Big Update!

Posted by PunishedKom - October 23rd, 2019

So, by now you guys have seen that I'm working with voice actresses again to produce new Ask Monster Girl Anything shorts. Some of you might have wondered if I'm planning on picking up erotic audio again. My short answer is yes, my longer answer is more complicated so please keep reading!

First of all, these will NOT take any time away from my work on the comic. Don't even worry about that. I will be using my free time where I'm not working on the comic anyway. I need something on the side that's less stressful, as working with voices and editing them has been a very nice change of pace this week. It's helped my motivation to actually get shit done come back as well, which I've been struggling with a bit.

But if you aren't interested in Erotic Audio? I got you covered cause I'm expanding the plans a bit.

Each audio is going to come with like 5-6 exclusive pinups- and I know what you're thinking, that sounds like a lot of work for me. And I wanna tell you it isn't- because they're going to be collabs. Emmy, my good friend and frequent collaborator, is going to be allowing me to use collabs we do for commercial purposes. So I will likely spend 20-40 minutes on a sketch and hand it off to him with instructions on what to do, and it'll come back fully colored and finished and all that.

Now for the people who don't want the audio, or won't go out of your pay to pay for it, you don't have to buy it outright. Instead if you just want all these exclusive pictures that are part of these image packs, I've opened a new $5 tier on my Patreon. This will give you access to any and all future exclusive pinups as well as the audio files themselves as soon as they come out.

I think that's pretty fair, wouldn't you say? What's more, I've released both Erotic Audio files already made, Tali: Mornings with Lovebird, Rizl: I Hate that You Hate, and the image pack MHFAP! SUCC to everyone at the $5 tier. So you'll get a lot of content immediately after signing up/changing your pledge!

Let's get into a tad more detail, because as you all also know I'm looking for voice actresses for MHFAP! OCs as well, mainly for new Ask segments but also for these audios. If the owner wants an audio file, we can strike a deal on it potentially. I'll do my half of those exclusive pinups for free and they'll just pay Emmy's collab fee. Depending on how high the voice actress cost for the script is, I might ask to have the buyer split that. But still, we're likely talking about $300-400 worth of art for potentially half of that, and I'll make up the difference with new Patron support and occasional Gumroad sales.

I'll begin work on the first script of the upcoming Erotic audio later today, and it'll be a pretty simple one. It's titled Levy: Moonlight Masturbation, and I'll leave the details to your imagination. $5 Patrons will get the script out later tonight most likely. Work on the exclusive pinups will start tomorrow!

Realistically, I believe I'll be releasing at least one a month which means one audio and 5-6 pinups, but this could easily be two since the sketches are not much work and as my roster of voice actresses on call grows I could very simply write a script for one girl while another is already recording a separate script, you know?

I've tried multiple Patreon business models before in the past and each one was flawed and hard to keep up on. This one however should be extremely easy for me since all I'll have to do is sketches, and minor audio mixing. Practically no time at all!

With all that said, I hope I've explained my plans long enough to convince you to go in and pledge! Exclusive content coming very soon, as well as the big dump of older exclusive content already available -> https://www.patreon.com/posts/30990581

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