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Making MHFAP! Eroge Now and I Need YOUR Help!

Posted by PunishedKom - November 12th, 2019

Hey guys just kinda gonna drop a lot of info on you right now, some really exciting stuff.

First off I know I and Urban have been teasing it here and there but I want to confirm the existence of, as well as details of, the first official MHFAP! Visual Novel, Futura: Fast Charge.
The way I'm doing VNs is pretty different from bigger releases. I like to think of them as micro-novels. MHFAP! VNs are one to two scenes, and while we don't have the full script yet I'd imagine the experience is either slightly under an hour or slightly over. The point is, these'll be fast to make and release.

Even faster than you'd think because the GUI elements have been made in a way so that we can simply swap the colors out for each novel to reflect the starring lady. Blue for Futura, yellow for Tali, red for Rizl, etc.

These novels are fully voice acted- but like 90% of sex VNs out there Hero is going to remain unvoiced. He talks, but to better insert yourself as him I want to always keep him silent.

Another thing is that there are no dialogue choices and no branching paths. And I do not intend on ever making a bigger full scale VN which implements these. Please respect that this is the way I want to do it and that it will make really good short story content while not taking too much away from the actual story I need to be making.

The progress for this VN is pretttttty smooth. I expect it to be done sometime potentially within a month.

I'm making this a big announcement cause this is gonna affect Patreon stuff as well. If you want to see wips, read the scripts, listen to the VA's recordings early, see all the art as it gets made and get the VN for free- that'll all be in the $5 tier. I have a number of things to show you right now, so go on and pledge if you want and I'll post them in our Discord's hidden Patron chat and on Patreon too!

These are sorta going to phase out the making of Erotic Audios, I think. VN's have a much higher appeal and are only slightly harder to make. The cost for them is higher though so pledging will really help that, but since I can sell them at a later date I'm not too worried about it.

A fellow named Wolf is the artist I've hired to do all the lineart and coloring for the VN's. I'll be sketching all the character sprites, sex pics, and BGs and handing them over to him. You'll see his progress thus far if you become a Patron- but I can say everything is looking amazing!

I should mention that you'll get the game as soon as it's done, for free at the $5 tier. Plus you'll probably get to play it even earlier than that as we'll need people to check for typos, bugs, etc.

If anyone was wondering why the first VN is Futura and not Tali, it's because I had written that 500 word mini audio script called Futura fast charge. Originally Urban and I were talking about cutting up the audio and repurposing it, but eventually I scrapped that idea cause she needs to actually be responding to Hero's dialogue. Audio scripts kinda have them monologuing/responding to vague implied dialogue.

We all know Hero's personality- he says some pretty outrageous shit so the script fundamentally changes drastically if he's actually able to talk lol. A lot of the dialogue is carried over somewhat but the beats are different.

So it was like, we had the material, lets get started, nah nvm the material doesn't work lets do this script anyway.

After Futura's VN is done we will move into production for one for Rizl, until finally Tali gets hers as she's the one the most people will be waiting for.

So yeah, pledge here to get access to all this Visual Novel stuff and help me make more of the comics and the VNs at the same time!

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