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MHFAP! Direct - Huge Bunch of Announcements

Posted by PunishedKom - August 6th, 2020

Hey guys, since Nintendo is refusing to give the people what they want, a massive Nintendo Direct where they announce tons of new shit, I thought I'd fill the gap and have a MHFAP! Direct in blog form and announce everything that's going on with me, and stuff that is coming up very soon on the horizon.

The kicker? For once, ITS ALL MOSTLY GOOD NEWS.

My financial situation may be improving. My fiance is starting a new full time job that pays $16 an hour, vs her current one that pays $11 and is only a part time one. While I'm not going to go and make tons of promises, this should ease my situation a lot more and hopefully get the feeling of the constant albatross off of my neck. I'm not promising that the comic will return the second things feel 'better'. Over the last couple of months its made me realize that the main comic and the main story are way too big for me to feasibly make on the type of budget and time I have available. My visions for it are so huge and demanding that expecting me to make it on $300 a month while also having to do shitloads of commissions? Completely unrealistic. And NO, I will not downsize my visions to make the comic easier to make. I am passion driven, and want to make my huge epic harem action comedy adventure the way I envision it.

So rather than start up chapter 6 again where I left off, I want to take some time to *really* build up the MHFAP! brand and try as hard as I can to get the Patreon up by a couple hundred dollars. We're currently at like $270 a month and while the ideal situation is 1000 a month minimum, I'd like to try and make a break for $500-600.

I don't want to start the comic up again, have something bad happen and suddenly have to pause it again. Every time that happens to me it's SO fucking emotionally draining. So I'm going to start planting seeds to prevent this from happening. I don't know when I intend to return to the main comic yet. In all honesty it's pretty far in the back of my mind because I'm sick of the sadness that not being able to work on it gives me, so I'd rather not think about it until I'm in a situation where I can keep making it in comfort and stability.

What kind of content can you expect from me soon, then?

MHFAP! Arena Launch

(I actually really need feedback on this section so please read it and tell me your thoughts)

We are finally ready to start doing Arena fight arts. We have a growing pool of chars with Arena Bios (with more on the way), I have a really nice 3D model for a standard ring (we'll make more for special themed Arenas) and I have the structure for these fully thought out... Well, mostly thought out. 2 OC owners pay me for one match. One match is two pictures. I'd like to expand this to three pictures in the future but two pictures is already a LOT to ask people to pay for. So if the Arena matches bring me a lot of Patreon money and I can offer the matches cheaper to buyers, I'd love to start doing 3 per match because IDEALLY it would look like this-

1st Pic - A neutral-ish pic of the two characters fighting, one might have the upper hand but it's not concrete

Pause a few days for Patreon Voting for who wins.

2nd Pic - Not currently in the plans since it'd drive the cost up for the buyers even more (unless they're ok with that), but when I can I'd like to make a decisive picture of who wins, the moment they win.

Pause for Round 2 of Patreon Voting, this time Patrons, probably of a slightly higher tier will get access to a poll featuring 5 options.

3rd Pic- The results of the Domination Poll.

Lets say we had Hero vs Tali, and you all voted for Hero to win, the options might be something like.

How does Hero dominate the Loser? Vote Now!

1. Hero mating presses Tali in the center of the ring for everyone to watch, the commentator driving her to embarassment as the floor drips with Hero's cum.

2. Hero grabs Tali by her hair crest and facefucks her, her drool messily falling down like crazy onto the ring.

3. Hero gets on top of the ropes and fucks Tali from behind, showing her off to the audience and telling everyone that this bird belongs to him.

4. Hero *anally fucks Tali while spanking her, and forces her to tell the crowd how much she loves her ass being fucked.

5. Hero uses Dickers to fuck both her holes, as well as placing one on the floor in front of her so she can suck him off, total three hole domination.

(*Yes, I will include token anal options even though it's not my thing lmao, as this is about you, the voters. I won't offer things I'm not into though, like no pegging on Hero if he loses. But I'll try and be more open to ideas than I usually am.)

I currently do not know how I will set these polls up. I'd like the voting tiers to be like,

$1 vote on who wins.

$5 Vote on the Domination Results.

$10 You get a second vote on the Domination Result. (Maybe a second on who wins but that'd skew things more towards the popular characters, I'm afraid? Thoughts?)

I think if the Arena Matches catch on, they'd start making a lot of money for me which I can eventually use to lower the prices on Arena Matches, and more importantly, start to put the profits back into making the main comic.

I'm stressed that probably can't include the victory picture very much right now as it would make the entire match a lot more structured, but we'll see. Give me your thoughts on this because currently a 2 picture match is already planned to be like $160-200 split between two people. If anyone knows how to set up secure voting polls like this where I can essentially give certain people two votes, please let me know.

The important part is that Arena stuff should be fairly easy for me to make, and it interests me a lot. I have more plans for the more funding I get, such as tag battles, including referee OCs, fight posters and themed matches, and since I have a colorist on board I expect we could easily do a minimum of one match a week. For how the pics will be released, everyone will get to see them fully uncensored. But the public versions will have little overlays on the bottom telling them to go vote for who wins on Patreon, and in the case of the matches being 3 pics, the 2nd one would list the domination options. Any $1 Patron would get access to the pics without the overlays/MHFAP! Logo.

Please let me know any thoughts you have on the upcoming Arena system, as I could definitely use some help on maximizing profits, and potentially devising a system to ensure that Character votes are balanced, so that popular characters don't win every time.

Futura and Rizl Kink Comics

These have been paid for and I'll try to get them out within a week. Almost done setting up Rizl's. I shoulda started them sooner but I had an off couple of days at the start of the week and I'm catching up now.

More Training Art from my Assistant, Aljune

My assistant as you've seen me post, is learning a lot of anatomy and lighting things from me right now. He's doing these at an absurdly low price because of exchange rates, and I'm having him study ref pics but using MHFAP! characters to better teach him how to draw all my various girls. Since he's so cheap, fast, talented and reliable, and the exchange rate for him is SO good that I can basically keep him on as a full time employee, he's going to continue creating content for me in between his work coloring shit for me. This should create a steady stream of content that I can post as filler material, so I hope you guys like it!

More GWA Scripts?

Maybe. I'm not in a huge rush to make more. I have a half finished one that I might touch up soon but when I wrote 4 back to back I think i slightly got it out of my system for the most part. I still enjoy it though and I will probably do more in the future when I need a break from everything else.

MHFAP! Fapcast?

Not returning any time soon for reasons I've already said. Audio porn is still a passion of mine, but not only is my audio mixer completely devoid of enough drive to work on it, I need the money that goes into making them more for my own living expenses. I launched the Fapcast at the dawn of the pandemic thinking things wouldn't be as bad as they ended up being. It was a vanity project so that I could fap to my own chars in audio format lol. I will resume this in the distant future when I can properly fund such a monument to my own hubris.

MHFAP! ...Spotify Playlists? Wha?

I'm doing this kinda as a joke but I'm currently building playlists of songs that represent Hero, Tali, Futura and Rizl lol. Not songs they'd listen to per se, but ones that say something about them. Tastes in music are very eclectic but you're more than welcome to show me a song you think fits one of the mains. But don't be mad if I don't like it or anything. It's not something I'm taking very seriously, just a small jokey thing I'm doing on the side when listening to music as I draw. I just thought it'd be fun to release them when big enough so you can see how I view my characters on a deeper level. The names and themes of these playlists are as follows;

Hero - No Pressure

A slightly whiplash-y combination of jokey songs that accentuate his over the top swagger, bravado and love for sex before dragging you down to show his sensative side and bring attention to the fact that most of his behaviour is an act, and he's a lot more scared and alone than he lets on.

Tali - Suggestive Chirpings

Primarily bright, warm and loving songs with a leaning towars pop that can get a bit sexual while also coupled with deeper tunes that are meant to show her many anxieties and lack of self confidence.

Rizl - Angry Lizard Noises

Mixing songs that emphasize her torn emotions on the new state of her life (primarily her relationship with her new lover...) and songs that hint at a much deeper inner conflict that we've yet to see unfold in the pages of MHFAP!, Rizl's playlist is full of a lot of angry, conflicted emotions that land somewhere between love and hate.

Futura - Programmed This Way

With a heavy techno/futuristic lean, we explore the exasperation Futura struggles with as part of her relationship with Hero as well as her more hidden fears regarding the cold, distant self view she has of herself.

These are all pretty heavy themes and I have no idea where to find music for each one so as I've said feel free to suggest things lol. Also, the first track on each playlist can be considered their honest to god themesong, the song that I think represents them more than anything else.

As a small preview, this is the song I most view as 'Hero's Theme Song'. It's a surprisingly heartfelt song that shows how desperate he is for love- but emphasizes that just because he's desperate about it doesn't mean he isn't wholeheartedly genuine in his feelings for every girl that he loves fully, whether its core Harem members or the more 'honorary Harem' level OCs like Bella, Nona, Saber, Levy and so on. The song is obviously only about one girl, but in my context it's supposed to represent his love for all the important girls in his life.

MHFAP! OC Stuff-

(This section is really long so feel free to skip it if me talking about my creative process does not interest you lol)

I want to make slightly less new OCs for one thing. Some days it feels like 90% of my art is new character sheets and it feels like I'll never get popular when that's the majority of the things I make. I'll be prioritizing new fans who don't yet have MHFAP! OCs and want them, or current fans who don't have a lot of OCs. And for the record I owe UrbanWulf a lot of OCs that he's already paid for, not ones that I said I'd do eventually, but ones that are fully paid and he is fine with waiting till I'm ready to do them. So if you see me making a big batch of OCs for Urban I'm not breaking my word and making special exceptions for him.

Part of the reason I want to do less OCs right now is admittedly the awkwardness of pricing them, and the burnout that character design places on me. Designing new OCs is something I love but they take more effort than any other type of art I do. I have to, in this order,

1, Do a thumbnail sketch and try out lots of different combinations of features, outfits and hairstyles, and then the even more difficult stage of testing out tons of color schemes.

2, Create a detailed model for the char in my posing program, Design Doll, and potentially have my 3D assistant make me whatever sort of 3D props they might need. (Weapons, wings, standout features like that.)

3, Pose and then sketch the character. I try to be loose with this stage to be fast but it's tricky finding the balance between how little detail I need to do lineart and have it still look good.

4, Lineart, the most annoying stage. I consider myself decent at lineart but it's no denying that it's tedious to draw the exact same thing over top of the thing that you just drew. That's why I experiment with using less and less detain in my sketches these days.

5, Fully flatcolor it in the way my colorist likes. Not the worst part but he likes it in a really annoying way, in separate folders for each part of the character lmao.

6, Formerly color it, now I have my assistant Aljune do this part, but considering I was originally looking for an assistant to both do lineart AND coloring, it doesn't save as much time as I originally wanted when you factor in how much time the other steps take.

7, Place her on the ref sheet, fill out all the info boxes and write the character a 350-ish word bio for her. I should mention that formatting text in my program, Clip Studio 5, is fucking nightmarish and annoying lol. Might have to eventually experiment with a better formatting thing but I digress.

8, Share her on all my different social media sites.

Now you might have just thought to yourself that that takes a lot of fucking work just for one character. You're right. And how much do I typically charge for chars? $60 for a 'simple' char. You know, not absurdly detailed or a really hard to draw species. And I should say that $60 is like the absolute minimum I want for that much damn work considering each new char can take multiple hours, and now that I have Aljune I'm only getting $45 per char and that's frankly not quite as good.

But I'm in a tricky situation. $60 is already a lot of money- that's an entire new video game for fuck's sake. I already felt bad enough when I raised it from 50 to 60 a few months back. I don't want to have to increase it for standard chars if I can help it.

My business is reliant on selling chars to my fans, so that they can go on to create content of their chars without me, thus creating free advertising for the MHFAP! brand as well as them wanting me to draw them with other MHFAP! OCs, and the main chars, creating endless content and a steady stream of pay. So I want the basic price to be as reasonable as I can possibly make it...

I would rather wait and do more new OCs when I'm in a position financially where I can take the hit.

Another big reason I get burned out on OCs is that I have so many fans who want all these different species and I want to make them all as happy as I can- and I'm extremely grateful that they all want to give me money knowing I'll make something they enjoy- but I'm just not able to force myself to want to make every single idea they have. I'm bad at saying no. Like, really bad. The fact that someone wants to give me money to have a char in my world and setting that they have a say in means a lot to me but sometimes it leads to me saying yes to something I don't think would be that fun or drawing a character I don't have much interest in drawing more.

I feel bad about some of the things that result from this. Namely when you see me do a revamp of an older OC. Even if they're always 100% happier with the new version of their character post redesign, the fact that I say 'I'm sorry but I really don't like this character design, I was less skilled and she doesn't fit in with my current design standards so I'd like you to pay me (discounted) so I can try it again. My earlier designs were soooo all over the place. At the time I only did them at $30 per char, so the quality was a shotgun blast. I was under constant financial pressure and didn't spend as long on each single char as I do now. That's why when I revamp some characters they look a LOT more like the actual species they're supposed to be based on.

Biggest example is Vespula here, who was supposed to be a Wasp. In her original I made her limbs look like weird stylized armor and because I didn't properly study the species in question I for some reason made her stinger fluffy. The new, revamped Vespula I made a few weeks ago is one of the most dramatic revamps I've done because it kept the core features of the char but reworked almost every single aspect of her anatomy to make her actually look like a Wasp.

I just hate that I have a really high standard for my quality and it's one of those things that's just me being hard on myself for no reason. My fans are always happy when I say I want to revamp one of their chars but to me it just feels like 'hey I don't wanna draw your char again till you pay me again'!

It's like I keep saying, I stress constantly about the people who support me and want to keep them happy, when in reality I'd probably be happier if I only designed adopts or something. Blehhh.

I didn't mean to ramble on so long about this but the OC shit has been stressing me out significantly lately because as of late it feels like 90% of my art is new chars, and I'll never get more popular just from that y'know?


TL;DR I am starting to feel my drive to accomplish shit coming back, but I'm tired of new OCs and shit. You can expect a lot of interesting things in the pipeline.

I intended this blog to be a lot simpler but I ended up using it to brainstorm my own thoughts as well as transparently vent about some stuff while giving you a clear view of the future of MHFAP! content.

Anyway this has been Reggie Fils-Aime and thank you for watching this MHFAP! Direct.