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Might Be Looking to Commission Artists

Posted by PunishedKom - August 10th, 2020

I'm planning on adding a tier to my patreon, possibly more than one, for weekly exclusive MHFAP! guest arts from my artist friends. It'll be a while before I can launch this idea, as I want to build up a sizeable buffer. But to do that I will need some talented artists who would be cool with creating exclusive content for me, i.e. content you can't share on your side of things.

My budget for this isn't amazing or anything but I'm just throwing a net out and seeing who'd be interested. I might finance some of these pieces by going half and half on them with OC owners, but as for the kind of artists I want, I prefer the following things;

-Anime styled, interest/experience in monster girls.

-Can follow my specific ideas for pieces. I want these to be fun

-Can handle multiple characters per piece potentially, and backgrounds

-Is alright with me critiquing the piece, and potentially redlining things I don't like or would like changed. I promise I'm not a nightmare client, I'm just very specific about my characters being on model haha.

-Fast-ish, I'm patient(?) but have a instant gratification problem so I don't necessarily like working with people who typically have giant queues or that'll take a few weeks just to get a single piece.

-Cheap preferred but again, not a total deal breaker depending.

Again I do need to stress that the artist would have to be ok knowing that they can't share the piece on their end, and that I won't be sharing it for quite some time. I want to build up a big buffer I'm affectionately calling the 'Fapvault' so only me and some of my inner circle will get to see the piece before it ends up shared to my Patrons.

If you're interested in this, let me know and I'll have a look at your stuff and prices!