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Read My New Fantasy Erotica Series for Free!

Posted by PunishedKom - 1 month ago

Some of you may have already seen all the art I've posted of it, but yesterday I launched a brand new fanatasy erotic lit series called Rise of the Guild Master! Book 1 is currently out, and it's titled "The 'Secret' Tomboy Princess"! It's pretty long at a whopping 20k words, and you can pick it up for only $2.99!

But if you dont have that money, there are other ways to read.

Firstly if you're an artist and I like your work I wouldn't mind giving you a copy in exchange for a fanart of Sam! Just as long as you link the book when you upload your fanart- promotional bullshit and all that.

And then the main way to read it for free is to get a 2 month free Kindle Unlimited trial. My books, including the MHFAP! ones, are all enrolled in this program and I get paid like a 1/4th of a cent per page you read lol but it adds up fast and someone reading the book gets me like 50-70 cents each? Which is not bad at all. I mean I'd still like it if people bought the book sure but I'll take what I can get!

Also, there's another way to read for free! If you have a friend who owns a copy, then you can ask them to lend you it via the Kindle Lending program or whatever it's called. Basically it gets removed from your friends library for 14 days and gets added to yours, and then I get paid if a new person reads it. Same rate as if its being read as an Unlimited member. Thing is though you can only ever lend a book out to someone once and you can't read it while you're lending it, so... be careful!

LASTLY, if you have a lot of followers I wouldn't mind giving you a copy just for a glowing shoutout and linking it! Gotta get this train going somehow.

As for new MHFAP! stuff I'm admittedly taking a well deserved break. I promise I'll explain more soon but I don't feel like making this blog twice as long right now lol